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Accessible Customer Service Plan

The Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, St. Marys Veterinary Clinic, and Perth Veterinary Services are committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities.  We strive at all times to provide services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.  We are also committed to integration and equal opportunity; giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access our services allowing them to benefit from the same services, in the same place, and in a similar way as other individuals.


We will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.

We will train staff who communicate with individuals on how to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.  We will also train staff to use appropriate language.

While it is not required, to best accommodate your needs it would be appreciated if you could let us know about your needs when you book your appointment.

Telephone Services

We are committed to providing fully accessible telephone services to all individuals we deal with.  We will train staff to communicate over the telephone in clear and plain language and to speak clearly and slowly, as might be required.

We will offer to communicate with individuals by email or other internet services, fax, or relay services if telephone communication is not suitable to their communication needs or is not available.

Assistive Devices

We will ensure that our staff are trained and familiar with various assistive devices we have on site or that may be used by customers with disabilities while accessing our services.

We will also ensure that staff know how to use the following assistive devices available on our premises for disabled individuals accessing our services.  These include: pens/paper, white boards, laptops/computers, pointers, magnifying devices, TTY Relay Service (1-800-855-0511), and automatic door opener (St. Marys Veterinary Clinic).

Service Animals

We welcome people with disabilities and their service animals.  Service animals are allowed on all parts of our premises that are open to the public and all of our other furry family members.

We will not interact with service animals without permission of the owner/handler.

We will ensure that the service animal's needs are met such as by providing water to the service animal or an outdoor area suitable for the animal's needs.

Support Persons

A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to have that person accompany them anywhere they need to go on our premises.  At no time will a person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to his or her support person while accessing our services.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities for customers with disabilities the clinics will notify customers promptly.  The clearly posted notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated length of time, and a description of alternative facilities or services, if available.

Services/Facilities include all veterinary services from the Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, St. Marys Veterinary Clinic, Perth Veterinary Services, and the mobile units.

The notice will be made publically at the following locations:

-Posted on the front door of each clinic

-Posted on the homepage of the website

-Included in the answering machine message

-Included in the newsletter or mailout if time permits.


The Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, St. Marys Veterinary Clinic, and Perth Veterinary Services, and will provide accessible customer service training to employees, volunteers and others who deal with the public or third parties on our behalf.  Training will also be provided to people involved in the development of policies, plans, practices, and procedures related to the provision of our goods and services.

Individuals in the following positions will be trained:

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, receptionists, assistants, administrative roles, and management.

Staff will be trained on Accessible Customer Service as part of their orientation (within one month after being hired) and additional training will be provided to ensure that all staff remain current with the standards and our policies and procedures.

Training will include:

An overview of the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard

The clinics' plan related to the customer service standard.

How to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities.

How to interact with people with disabilities who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or a support person.

How to use the equipment or devices available on-site or otherwise that may help with providing goods or services to people with disabilities. 

What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty in accessing the clinics' goods and services.

Staff be trained on policies, practices and procedure that affect the way services are provided to people with disabilities.  Staff will also be trained when changes are made to our accessible customer service plan.

Feedback process

We welcome your comments and customers who wish to provide feedback on the way the Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, St. Marys Veterinary Clinic, and Perth Veterinary Services provides goods and services to people with disabilities can provide feedback in the following ways(s):

In person, by telephone, by email.

All feedback, including complaints, will be handled according to our clinics' regular complaint management procedures. A member of the management team will listen to or review the complaint.  Changes will be made if necessary and the person who made the complaint will be advised of what changes are going to be made.  Customers can expect to hear back within 2 business days.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in accessing our services please let us know.

Notice of Availability

The Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, St. Marys Veterinary Clinic, and Perth Veterinary Services will notify the public that our documents related to accessible customer service are available upon request by posting a notice in the following location(s):

The reception area of each clinic

The website

Modifications to This or Other Policies

Any policy, practice, or procedure of the Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, St. Marys Veterinary Clinic, or Perth Veterinary Services that does not respect and promote the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity for people with disabilities will be modified or removed.

Questions about This Policy

This policy exists to achieve service excellence to individuals with disabilities.  If anyone has a question about the policy, or if the purpose is not understood, an explanation should be provided, or referred to the clinics' management personnel.

Facilities - Buildings, Structures, Premises

Kirkton Veterinary Clinic - The Kirkton Veterinary Clinic is fully accessible with the exception of automatic doors at the main entrance although we would be happy to assist you.  All client permitted areas of the clinic are on the main floor and are wheelchair accessible.  The chairs in the waiting area and exam rooms can be moved to accommodate wheelchairs or other assistive devices.  There is a wheelchair accessible washroom but it does not have grab bars.  In the back treatment area, we sometimes permit clients if they are visiting an animal that is hospitalized with us.  There is one small step down into the treatment area and a step over the door sill into the kennel area.  We would be happy to bring the animal to you in an exam room to visit if they are stable and can be moved.  We would also be happy to help you carry items such as pet food out to your car or to help you get your animal into the building and back out to the car.

Note: There are sometimes CQM meeting held at the upper level of the clinic.  Please let us know if you have difficulty with stairs when you RSVP for the meeting and we will be sure to hold the meeting in the main floor meeting room.

In cases of severely limited disability, our mobile units may be able to make arrangements to serve you at your own home.  

St. Marys Veterinary Clinic - The St. Marys Veterinary Clinic is fully accessible.  There is parking right at the main entrance and the sidewalk is sloped in front of the main door.  The entrance way has automatic doors with a handicap access switch.  The chairs in the waiting area can be moved to accommodate wheelchairs or other assistive devices.  The exams rooms are wheelchair accessible and there is a wheelchair accessible washroom equipped with grab bars.

Perth Veterinary Services - The Perth Clinic is not fully accessible.  The main entry way includes stairs and is not wheelchair accessible.  We would be happy to examine the animal in your vehicle or to examine the animal in the clinic and discuss our findings with you at your vehicle.