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Pet Hospital Services

Preventative Medicine and Client Education:

-Complete Medical Assessments

-Wellness and Vaccination Programs (Puppy, Kitty, Senior, Adult)

-Flea Control and Heartworm Prevention

-Health Screening Tests

-Dentistry (dental examinations, cleaning, and extraction)

-Pain Management & Control


-Therapeutic Laser Therapy

-Behavioural Problems/Behavioural Counselling


Emergency Medicine and Surgery:



-Orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery

-Anaesthesia and patient monitoring (local anaesthesia, tranquilization/sedation, general anaesthesia)



-Laboratory (blood analysis, urinalysis, and microbiology)

-Radiology (x-ray)


-Cardiology (heart)

-Dermatology (skin)

-Endocrinology (hormones)

-Screening tests for internal parasites

-Ear Infections

-Lump Analysis



-In-house Pharmacy

-Travel Certificates

-Microchip Pet Identification


-Referral Services


Food Products:

-Medi-cal Royal Canin

-Hills Prescription Diet


If there is something else that you are interested in but don't see listed please do not hesitate to Contact Us!