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Emily, Receptionist

Emily was born and raised in the quaint town of St. Mary's, where she had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and develop a deep love for animals from a young age. In her free time, she cherishes spending quality moments with her loving spouse, two wonderful daughters, and their adorable companion animals.

During her high school years, she had the amazing opportunity to complete a co-op at St. Mary's Veterinary Clinic. Emily continued to pursue her passion by working at a pet store for an impressive 12 years. Her time there allowed her to further enhance her knowledge of various types of animals, their needs, and the importance of responsible pet care.

Emily is a compassionate and creative individual who finds fulfillment in caring for animals, exploring her crafty side, and nurturing her garden. Whether she's creating a beautiful handmade item, tending to her plants, or spending quality time with her loved ones, Emily's passion and love for life radiates.