First Aid

See copy of the Kirkton Equine Services First Aid Pamplet


As horse owners, we all know how hard it is to keep things clean and tidy in the farm. Things are always missing when we need them, and sometimes we don’t have what we need to deal with emergencies. KVC has done our best to put together a comprehensive first aid kit to combat these difficulties.

Kits include the following items:

• First Aid pamphlet
• Stethoscope
• Thermometer
• Cotton leg bandages
• Elastoplast
• Kling wrap
• Vetrap
• Sterile telfa pads
• Derma-gel topical wound dressing
• Betadine wound flush
• Dosing syringe for wound lavage
• Examination gloves
• Scissors
• 4X4 gauze squares
• Animalintex poultice

All this, and in a handy container for storage! Call us to place your order today! 519-229-8911.