Dr. Katie Crossan is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association to provide chiropractic care for your animals.

A chiropractic assessment consists of evaluating the animal at rest and in motion, then palpating to assess the range of motion of each joint in the animal’s body. This includes the joints of the spine, as well as the joints of the limbs. If a joint has less than optimal movement, a chiropractic adjustment may be performed to help restore natural mobility. The beauty of having this done by a veterinarian who is also certified in animal chiropractic is it allows for further diagnostics to be performed if required.

If an animal is stiff in a hind leg, it may lead to compensatory stiffness in the pelvis from trying not to flex the leg. This can result in a chiropractic issue that may serve as a “clue” that there is more going on further down the leg. By looking at the whole animal from the chiropractic AND veterinary perspective, subtle lameness or other confusing issues may be resolved more easily than with either technique on its own.

Animals seem to enjoy their treatments, and on the whole, they seem to hold their adjustments much longer than people.