Reproductive Examinations and Ultrasonography

If you have ever bred a mare, or thought about doing it, you probably have seen a reproductive ultrasound. Ultrasound examination of the mare’s reproductive tract is usually carried out transrectally to produce the best image. This tool can be used to examine the uterus/ovaries/cervix for visual abnormalities, such as cysts, fluid retention and tumours. It can also be used as an aid to predict when a mare will ovulate, and allows us to time artificial insemination for the best chance of pregnancy.

Other components of a reproductive examination may include things like perineal conformation assessment, vaginal examination with a speculum, visual examination of the cervix, uterine culture and sensitivity, or uterine biopsy. Often these more detailed examinations are performed in older, multiparous mares that are difficult to get in foal, or horses with a record of early embryo loss or abortion.

At the KVC we are equipped with three reproductive ultrasounds, and four experienced practitioners to help maintain your horse’s reproductive health.